Transforming fear one breath at a time

Lately, I’ve been contemplating fear. Not specifically my fears, or contemporary collective fears — though, I’ve spent plenty of time there. Instead, I’m interested in understanding the essence of fear itself. What is it and why does it manifest? How is it processed by the human psyche? Can it be…

Easing anxiety through mindful embodiment

This morning, a young woman in an ecology-conscious online community shared that she was sad and anxious for not feeling effective in motivating people to take better care of the environment.

It was one of those moments I could have moved quickly passed, not registering the invitation she was extending…

But, I’m gonna love ‘em anyway

I’ve been contemplating having a tee-shirt made that reads: “humans are exhausting.” Some days, I just can’t muster a feeling of openness towards some people. I imagine this tee-shirt serving as subtle armor on those days.

When I encounter someone who exhausts me and don’t have much in my compassion…

Stepping into the void of inner quiet, with courage and conviction

Here we are. Where is here, exactly? We’ve lifted from the threshold of the familiar, many of us painfully stretching to keep the tips of our toes in a tender kiss with the known world. Knowing, at least on a subconscious level, eventually we’ll have to let go.

In my…

Charting the unknown waters of a global crisis

This morning I woke up and felt fear for the first time since COVID-19 entered my psyche. Previously, I was cautious and concerned, but unafraid. This acute global crisis is one I’d imagined many times over the years. It’s felt like a 1000-foot wave that would eventually come to shore…

Blythe Dolores Utz

Emotional literacy champion and contemplative writer.

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